2024 BMW Custom Calendar Program

We are very pleased to partner with BMW again as your 2024 preferred calendar supplier.

Build your brand and develop relationships with personalized calendars – a daily reminder of who to turn to for genuine BMW parts & services. 


2024 BMW Custom Wall Calendar

Designed exclusively for BMW dealers, the 2024 custom calendar from Teldon will showcase BMW’s unique style and superior engineering. Each month features a stunning image of a timeless BMW vehicle, ensuring your calendar will be displayed prominently and kept as a collector’s item.

Promoting your business with personalized calendars is an easy and effective way to get your dealership name in front of your customers every day of the year, building goodwill and loyalty.

Popular | Open Size: 12″ x 19.5″

Trilingual: English | French | Spanish

Eligible for 50% co-op reimbursement for US orders only.


Why print?

90% of households have at least one wall calendar, which may be viewed up to 20 times a day.

70% of calendar recipients recall the advertiser’s message on the calendar and will do business with that company again.

56% of consumers trust print marketing more than any other form of advertising.

Digital communication is at an all-time high. Cut through the digital noise and set yourself apart with printed products that stay in front of your customers for 365 days, not 5 seconds.

*Images may be subject to change


Order today!  |  1-888-983-5366  |  sales@teldon.com

Canada – Download an order form here.

US – Download an order form here.

View the calendar program feature sheet here.

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