Goodyear Canada Official 2025 Co-op Calendar Program

We are very pleased to partner with Goodyear Canada as your Official 2025 Co-op Calendar Program supplier.

Build your brand and develop relationships with personalized calendars – a daily reminder of who to turn to for genuine Goodyear parts & services. 


Tranquil Waters 2025 Wall Calendar

Designed exclusively for Goodyear, this calendar showcases 13 breathtakingly serene and peaceful waterscapes from across North America. Each month offers a picturesque view of a tranquil lake accompanied by a brief description that brings its beauty to life. Additionally, the date pad includes a fishing guide, perfect for planning outdoor excursions or simply dreaming of peaceful days by the water.

Available in English only.

Images and layout subject to change.

Works of Art 2025 Wall Calendar

Designed exclusively for Goodyear, this calendar takes you beyond vibrant hues, shining chrome, and the thunderous roar of a mighty V8 engine, it embodies a way of life. It’s a culture defined by leisurely drives, camaraderie, savouring burgers, fries, and indulging in a classic chocolate shake at a Saturday night Cruise-In. These cars represent more than just vehicles; they evoke nostalgia for days gone by and inspire dreams of owning one someday. With stunning, colourful mural settings in the backdrop, they capture the essence of a bygone era while igniting passion and excitement in your customers.

Available in English only.

Images and layout subject to change.

Goodyear Racing 2025 Wall Calendar

While this calendar showcases the excitement and performance of Goodyear motorsports, it drives home the message that Goodyear tires for the road start with the innovation, technology and performance that drivers trust on the track. For racing enthusiasts and sports fans everywhere!

Available in English only.

Images and layout subject to change.

More 2025 Custom Goodyear Products

Stay top-of-mind, 365 days of the year!

Images and layout subject to change.

Full Blimp Magnetic Calendars

• Full-color magnet

• Handy 5″ x 8″ magnet size

• Four-color logo with black imprint

• Minimum order 250

Available in English only.

Press & Stick Calendars

• Yellow vinyl with adhesive backing plus 13-month tear-off calendar attached

• Two styles available (Blimp and Standard)

• Convenient 3″ x 4-3/4″ size including pad

• One-color blue logo with blue imprint

• Minimum order 150

Available in English only.

Why print?

90% of households have at least one wall calendar, which may be viewed up to 20 times a day.

70% of calendar recipients recall the advertiser’s message on the calendar and will do business with that company again.

56% of consumers trust print marketing more than any other form of advertising.

Digital communication is at an all-time high. Cut through the digital noise and set yourself apart with printed products that stay in front of your customers for 365 days, not 5 seconds.

*Images may be subject to change


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