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A leader in personal branding solutions, By Design Publishing brings expertise and a singular focus on helping real estate professionals distinguish themselves from the competition through high-quality, personally branded print magazines.


11626 Tracey Road
Hayden, ID 83835

Ph: 1.877.423.4567
Fax: 1.208.772.8061





How to Connect
A client connects to By Design Publishing via different avenues such as marketing campaigns, tradeshows, online submission or through referrals from other BDP customers. Samples are available for prospective clients for the sensory aspect of this quality marketing piece.

The sales team will respond according to the new client – typically by email or phone. They measure the client’s level of interest and explain how BDP can help distinguish them from their competitors, product details and personalization options.

Home by Design Magazine has 4 areas available for customization:

Outside Front Cover

The agent’s photo and contact information are printed prominently on the cover for immediate recognition and easy reference, when needed. The agent’s name is also printed at the top of cover page indicating this personally branded marketing piece.

Outside Back Cover

More personalization space to cultivate relationships with clients and promote your business. You may also choose ready-to-use pre-written pages that are customized for each issue of the magazine.

Inside Front Cover

An agent may select from a wide variety of templates available on the BDP online portal to personalize this page. The agent then supplies the photos and content for the template. The agent also has the option to design this page entirely and feature any content they would like such as a personal message or market data. Additionally, each magazine can be personalized with the agents exclusive list of subscribers, printed at the top of this page.

Inside Back Cover

Another great space to fully customize your marketing message or use one of the professionally designed templates readily available on the BDP portal. Showcase the homes you’ve sold, testimonials, market research or guide them to your online presence – the possibilities are endless!

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