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A Planet for Life

 Award Winning Calendar

Designed to remind us how precious our planet is, this calendar is full of breathtaking photography and tips on how to reduce our environmental impact.


Providing insight through imagery to better understand and face life’s challenges, including quotes of encouragement with each photo.


Wide open spaces, clear blue skies and majestic mountain panoramas characterize this unique province­–the perfect blend of rural charm and urban sophistication.

American Panorama

Impressive photography of America’s varied landscape from coast to coast, showcased through the seasons.

American Pride

Designed to evoke pride in every American with images of national monuments, historical sites and majestic beauty, this patriotic calendar is complete with quotes from famous Americans.


Explore the beautiful landscapes of America’s Southwest, featuring Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah.

Beautiful Gardens

Award Winning Calendar

Vibrant, colorful gardens along with gardening tips to keep your green-thumb busy all year.

British Columbia

From snow covered mountains to meadows adorned with wildflowers, from lush rainforest to placid alpine lakes, B.C.’s range of scenery is truly breathtaking.


Images of lush forests, sandy beaches, national parks, coastal mountains and much more.

Canada | Le Canada

Bilingual: English / French | Bilingue: anglais / français

Canada is a land of magnificent beauty. This calendar showcases spectacular scenery from coast to coast, exploring the provinces and territories.


Explore Colorado’s natural beauty and rugged wilderness, through exceptional images of the incredible landscape.

Dog Days

Heart-melting handsome photos of your favorite canine companions. This calendar also includes handy tips, tricks and advice for everyday life with dogs.


Escape into these hidden retreats–both rustic and modern–for the perfect getaway.

Home Improvement

Take the renovation plunge with this stylized interiors calendar.


Inspire your clients with this collection of classic and modern homes.

Les Maisons | Homes

Bilingue: français / anglais | Bilingual: French / English

Inspirez vos clients avec cette collection de maisons classiques et modernes.

Life’s a Beach

Beachcomb your way around the world with this collection of coastal images.

Lifelines from the Animal Kingdom

Colorful images and insightful quotes, connecting us with animals in their natural habitats.

Memory Lane

Features a vibrant collection of vintage cars bringing back memories of days gone by.

Muscle Cars

Cars that make a statement. This calendar is ideal for the automobile enthusiast.

New England

Rugged shorelines, historical buildings and serene landscapes embody this calendar.

New Mexico

Explore the beautiful landscapes of America’s Southwest, featuring Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah.

Ontario | L’Ontario

Bilingual: English / French | Bilingue: anglais / français

Iroquois for “beautiful lake”, Ontario’s landscape is diverse and pristine.


Images of regal mountain landscapes, dense rain forests, lush greenery and more.


Breathtaking visions of nature that capture the beauty unique to each season.

Tasteful Kitchens

This beautiful calendar features tastefully designed kitchens accompanied by easy-to-follow gourmet recipes.


These notable locations are sure to spark imagination and wanderlust among your clients.


Vast expanses of rugged, natural diversity, ranging from desert to forest land.


Vancouver is consistently in the top ten most livable cities in the world. From the North Shore Mountains to the beauty of Stanley Park and the bustling downtown area, these images have it all.

Vancouver Island

Enjoy the unspoiled rugged coastline and old growth forests more than three centuries old in this stunning calendar.


Spectacular photography of North American wildlife in its natural environment.

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