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A Planet for Life

 Award Winning Calendar

Designed to remind us how precious our planet is, this calendar is full of breathtaking photography and tips on how to reduce our environmental impact.


Providing insight through imagery to better understand and face life’s challenges, including quotes of encouragement with each photo.

Adorable Pets

Heart-melting handsome photos of winsome creatures and furred companions of all stripes.


Wide open spaces, clear blue skies and majestic mountain panoramas characterize this unique province­–the perfect blend of rural charm and urban sophistication.

America’s Midwest

Explore rolling hills, prairies, seashores, state parks and more.

American Panorama

Impressive photography of America’s varied landscape from coast to coast, showcased through the seasons.

American Pride

Designed to evoke pride in every American with images of national monuments, historical sites and majestic beauty, this patriotic calendar is complete with quotes from famous Americans.


Images of mountains, plateaus, colorful gorges and landscape shaped by prehistoric volcanism and much more.

Beautiful Gardens

Award Winning Calendar

Vibrant, colorful gardens along with gardening tips to keep your green-thumb busy all year.

British Columbia

From snow covered mountains to meadows adorned with wildflowers, from lush rainforest to placid alpine lakes, B.C.’s range of scenery is truly breathtaking.

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