Did you know we offer mail service?


Using our mailing service means that you never have to stuff an envelope, adhere a stamp, print and label or worry about mail routes!


Include a one-page letter to thank clients for their business and wish them a Happy New Year.

Calendars make excellent substitutes for holiday cards. They last an entire year and won’t be tossed after a couple of weeks, like cards often are.


Simply provide us with your client list and we will take care of the distribution for you.




Calendars: Minimum order quantity is 100 per title.

Units 100-249 250-499 500+
Wall Calendars – Popular $1.82 $1.76 $1.70
Wall Calendars – Prestige $2.31 $2.25 $2.19
Tent Desk Calendars $1.87 $1.81 $1.75
Letters for Mail Service

(Wall Calendars Only)
*Black or Full Color

$0.41 $0.37 $0.34



Coloring Books: Minimum order quantity is 250 per title.

Units 250-499 500+
Coloring Books $1.61 $1.55
Letters for Mail Service

(Coloring Books Only)
*Black or Full Color

$0.37 $0.34


* Price excludes upgrade options, applicable taxes, and product cost. Mail Service pricing includes blank envelopes, 3rd class postage, shipping, labelling and product insertion.




  • 3rd and 1st class mail service options available.
  • Mail service available on wall calendars, tent desk calendars and coloring books only.
  • Letter inserts available on wall calendars and coloring books only.
  • Blank envelopes included with this service.


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